A Work in Progress

I’ll keep this short and potent. This site is a work in progress.

And occasionally redundant. See above.

For those of you who enjoyed any of my posts. I swear on the…?? seven moons of Alkalar?? that interesting things are coming. 

Granted this is the internet, so if someone isn’t dancing with their best friend’s neighbor’s cat who’s tightrope walking while wearing a flaming unicorn leotard and sparkling strobe light devil horns while playing a mini-piano and insulting you in Dothraki every other 15 seconds, it’s unlikely to hold interest.

Well, that’s okay.

Up until now I’ve done a lot of talking about how to learn a new language. Both on screen and off. To myself and others. Currently, I’m putting my hands where my mouth has been and am making something.  

I have a tentative date set for when a proto-type will be ready for unveiling and nitpicking, which should be in early November. But until then I’m all work and some play. 

And while I don’t claim to have the one method to rule them all, I do believe that I have something that no one else does.  And it just might be the piece that’s been missing for so long from the language-learning “WHY YOU NO SOLVE YOURSELF”- puzzle .


Anyway, if you like adventure, if you like absurdity and consider yourself different, maybe even a little strange, (because let’s face it, if you’re an american committed to learning a language other than Spanish you’re already a bit strange, )  and you put up with that horribly disjointed and far too many comma’d sentence, then and only then, I’d like to recommend that you stay tuned. 

It’s okay if you don’t. You’ll probably get hit by the massive media storm of ninja marketing that will take place when everything is in place

So until then!