I’m Not a Teacher, but…

Learning is a huge mountain that has several different peaks. How’s that even possible? A mountain with several different peaks? It’s a fantasy mountain. Voilà. Problem solved.

The thing about Mt. Learning, is that it is enormous. It might even merit the invention of a new word, Gigantuous? But Mt. Learning doesn’t just cover learning a foreign language or some other aspect that one often study’s in school, but all aspects of learning. From learning how to play an instrument to learning how to fly a parachute. It’s all on this massive mountain.

Most teachers and professors tell you, there’s only so many ways up the mountain. Many will often tell you that there’s only one way up the mountain. But really, they’re lying, or they genuinely don’t know that there’s more than one way, because they were deceived by the same system that is trying to deceive you.

I’m not a teacher or a professor. I’m just some dude who loves climbing this mountain. I’ve climbed to a lot of the peaks that have to do with language learning so many times that I happen to know a lot of ways to get there. But I don’t claim that they’re the only ways.

A consequence of climbing around this mountain for years is that I can get to where I want to go pretty quickly and usually without being eaten by bears or skewered by orcs. Regardless of which path you take there will almost always be enemies and obstacles. I’m no Katniss Everdeen, but I can give you tips on how to get rid of some of those enemies and how to get around some of those obstacles.

But you’re always and should always feel like you’re entitled to your choices. If you don’t like the path I’m showing you I can show you the others that I know, or help you find your own.

As a language guide, I’m here to share the information and experience that I have, but I’m not here to make you feel like your ideas or opinions matter less. My style of helping people in their learning may not be for everyone. This is not to say that my style is wishy-washy, kind of like, you know man just sort of like float up the mountain—no. I can give you a map and show you how to get where you want to be. But I think people should know that I do my best to avoid using or conforming to the meanings behind teacher and professor. The currently standing idea of “teaching” is something that bothers me.  But I’ll address this in a separate post, because it’s likely to get lengthy.


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